Indigenous people and Wildlife Hunting in a Philippine Protected Area

Wild animals have contributed an important element in human history and culture around the world. Although the importance of biodiversity and wildlife are always mainstreamed many populations are still under pressures from both natural and anthropogenic threats and disturbances coupled with climate and land-use change have exacerbated the effects. The continuous expansion of human population... Continue Reading →

Challenges in bat conservation and research in south-central Mindanao, Philippines: How far we have to fly for bats?

Krizler C. Tanalgo TropiBats; Landscape Ecology Group, Xishuangbanna Tropical Botanical Garden, Chinese Academy of Sciences (China); Department of Biological Sciences, University of Southern Mindanao (Philippines). *This is a partial portion of the under-review manuscript based on independent research of the author. Tha author welcomes additional information, contribution for the improvement of the report. Corresponding author, tkrizler@gmail(dot)com... Continue Reading →

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