Insights: Role of collaboration and capacity building–the BioDept’s bat research experience

Updated: 4/21/2017   ‘A successful research isn’t all about being published, it should end as policy, technology or in any form that will benefit the common society’ – these are the most important guiding principles in doing research in different fields, especially in conservation. The Department of Biological Sciences, as a Center of Development in... Continue Reading →

Fruit Bat Ecology and Ecosystem Services Provisions in Philippine Tropical Ecosystems

Island ecosystems, in particular, are dependent upon bats for plant pollination and seed dispersal, as bat-mediated pollination and seed dispersal ensures gene flow across large and fragmented systems. In the Philippines, there are approximately 79 species of bats distributed in more than 7000 Islands, of which around 30% are fruit bats. Among these Rousettus amplexicaudatus... Continue Reading →

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