The mammalian fauna of the Philippine Islands is remarkably diverse and species rich. It is now known to include 201 species: 22 are marine mammals, and 172 are native terrestrial mammals. With 111 (64%) of the terrestrial native species as endemic, the archipelago has one of the highest per-area levels of endemism in the world, on the basis of both absolute numbers and percentage (Heaney et al., 1998). Bats are the most diverse terrestrial mammalian order in the Philippines, however, many endemic bat species had been documented as threatened (O’Malley, 2006). Out of 70 species of bats distributed throughout the archipelago, 53 species are found in Mindanao (Ingle and Heaney, 1992). Philippine bats vary on their habitat selection depending on their needs and requirements for survival and species regeneration. There are about 30 species of bats identified dependent on the caves and karst sites for their population (Ingle, 2011).


Welcome to the new site of the Tropical Philippine Bat Conservation (TropiBats)! This is an initiative developed to provide you updates about our current projects and development towards the conservation of Philippine bats and their habitats. This site will also attempt to provide other relevant news and information related to biodiversity and conservation aside from bats. In addition, TropiBats wishes to promote connections and collaborations among conservation scientists in the Philippines and abroad.

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